TCC follows all components as required by our association with the Healthy Together Victoria’s Achievement program. TCC has been recognised as a Healthy Eating Early Childhood Service and has successfully met state-wide benchmarks for:

1. Physical Activity and Movement

2. Healthy Eating and Oral Health

3. Sun Protection

4. Tobacco, Alcohol and other Drugs 

5. Safe Environments

6. Mental health and Wellbeing

In 2020, our proposed 2021 Menus were assessed by Nutrition Australia.  The aim of this consultation was to ensure our menus were compliant with the Victorian menu planning guidelines for long day care services. We were congratulated and received a Certificate of compliance in providing the nutrition and developmental needs of children in long day care. We look forward to continuing our relationship with the Healthy Eating Advisory Service and Nutrition Australia to ensure our menus continue to promote the health and wellbeing of young children. 

Our daily menus reflect healthy nutritional options regarding all food served on the premises, while also being considerate of children’s individual health and dietary needs. Our outdoor environments grow produce (vegetables and herbs) which is incorporated into our menus.

We are currently implementing our Nutrition Australia approved 6 week rotating menus. Our Sustainability (inc Nutrition and Active Play) Newsletters below reflects our program initiatives and our commitment to embedding Physical development, Healthy Eating, Oral Health and Sustainability within all of our Early Childhood rooms.

2020 Newsletters

Edition 1 2020

Edition 2 2020